Society Meetings 2007 to 2008






27.January 2007

Liverpool University

Huknaynes,Medelspekynges, plauncherbord and coueringtigills.

Household, Community and the Cartulary in the 14th and 15th centuries

Creative descriptions of Households stuff, c.1450 to 1560

Jayne Rimmer

Andrew Butcher

28 April 2007

Keele University

Tithes, peasants and production in the late Middle Ages

The pillloried Trader, the depiction of Medieval Retailers of literacy and legal sources

Dr. Benjamin Dodds

Dr. James Davies

27. October 2007


Medieval Petitions

Mark Ormerod, Simon Harris and others

26. January 2008

Liverpool University

Lordship, tenure and landscape before and after the conquest of Gwynedd.

Augustinian Cartularies: Lapses, Lacunae, Legends and Lists

David Longley

Dr Judy Frost

5. April 2008

Keele University

Records of the lost Medieval Armoury  in the Tower of London

Letters of the Plantagenet Queens 1300-1350

Thom Richardson

Liza Benz

25  October 2008

Manchester Chetham Library

Title to be confirmed

Dr Malcolm Vale


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