Society Meetings 2009 to 2011





31 January  2009

Liverpool University

Forest Records

Cheshire Forest Eyre Roll

Dr. Jean Birrell

Jack Heery

25 April  2009


Episcopal Acta

Visit to the Hungate excavation

Dr. Pippa Hoskins

October 2009

Manchester Chetham Library

Anglo Norman Records

Prof. Jocelyn Wogan-Brown

30 January  2010

Liverpool University

24 April 2010

Keele University

October 30  2010

Manchester Chetham Library

January 29 2011

Liverpool University

April  9  2011

Keele University

October 29 2011

Manchester Chetham Library


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Use of written evidence in Wakefield Manor Court before 1380

Using charter evidence to date the marriage of William the Conqueror to Matilda of Flanders

Charlotte Harrison

Charlotte Cartwright

Hungate dig reprised

Subject to be confirmed

Dr. Jane Rimmer

Dr Bronach Kane

The Dictionary of  Medieval Latin from British Sources

Aspect of the Gascon Rolls

St. Chad and the Lichfield Chronicle

Dr. Guilem Pepin

Andrew Sargent

Edward II

2nd Speaker to be confirmed

Seymour Phillips

Dr. Shelagh Sneddon

Robin Hood and Criminality

David Crook