Society Meetings 2012 to 2014





28 January  2012

Liverpool University

Seals as a resource for historical research

To be confirmed

Dr. Elizabeth New

To be confirmed

April  2012

Keele University

Stained Glass

To be confirmed

Dr. Penny Hegbin Barnes

To be confirmed

27 October 2012

Liverpool University

The Archives of the Duke of Northumberland at Alnwick Castle

Chris Hunwick

26 January  2013

Liverpool University

April 2013

Keele University

19 Otober 2013

John Rylands Library


January 2014

Liverpool University

April   2014

Keele University

October 2014

Liverpool University


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Dr Helen Birkett

Dr Fiona Edmonds

Northern lights; links between the education and careers of medieval university scholars in the north of England

The Mostyn Project

Dr Rebecca Oakes

Shaun Evans

Northern Lights: links between the education and careersof medieval university scholars and the north of England plus AGM

Military Pardons 1345

The justice process relating to pardons

Nick Gribit

Helen Lacey

Furness Abbey and daughter houses: Irish Sea relations in the twelfth century.

To be announced

Dr. Fiona Edmonds

Claire Downham

Dr. Rebecca Oates

The life of St. Bega of St. Bees

Furness Abbey and daughter houses,

Irish Sea relations in the twelfth century