This year has indeed been an annus mirabilis for our small society. These are the six - yes, six! - books which are published in this calendar year:

The Crown Pleas of the Lancashire Eyre of 1292. Margaret Lynch, Eric Foster and Paul Booth. (3 volumes) (RSL&C)

The Cheshire Forest Eyre Roll, Volume I, Wirral. Jack Heery, Frank Byrne, Prue Vipond, Tony Bland, Graham Walker and Paul Booth. (Vol II to follow soon!)  (RSL&C)

The Lancashire Poll Taxes of 1379 and 1381. Audrey Coney, Dilys Firn, Eric Foster, Emmeline Garnett, John Gowling, Margaret Lancaster,

The Estate Accounts of Henry de Lacy, Earl of Lincoln. Eric Foster, Paul Booth. (Thanks to Simon Harris and Philip Morgan for getting a Marc Fitch Fund grant for this of £1000.)

It is not just the number of the publications which is so impressive, but the number of individual members who have been involved in the work of transcription and translation and editing.

Congratulations to all who took part and more power to the pens of those who are hoping to publish next year!

Publication information  2015